NEW: Double Album “Concert apéritif du Piano”

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“Concert apéritif du Piano”

Double Album by Philipp Scheucher
Inspired by Tours fabuleux!

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Not only the brillance of the Bösendorfer grand piano, but also the brilliance of pianist Philipp Scheucher symbolize this marvellous recording. Inspired by a Hydrangea garden tour by Tours fabuleux! in Normandy, virtuoso pianist from Graz in Austria – Philipp Scheucher – presents a solo recital on two CDs.

The musical content of this unique „Concert apéritif du Piano“ is explained in the CD booklet. It is an invitation to enjoy the beauty of this recording in combination with the sensitive text.

Feel and hear the musical brilliance, the humor and Philipp Scheucher’s smile about the music’s beauty.

2 reviews for NEW: Double Album “Concert apéritif du Piano”

  1. Edith und Herbert Holler

    Schöne Bilder und noch schönere Musik! Wir sind begeistert!

  2. Franz

    Lieber Philipp,

    Tours fabuleux schaue ich mir an, das klingt ja alles super. Viel Erfolg!

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